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Park Rules

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Follow these tips for a more enjoyable visit:
  • Extend common courtsey to all users.
  • Bring ample water for your dog(s).
  • DO NOT bring food or toys into the off-leash area as they may cause confict among the dogs.
  • DO NOT bring glass containers into the off-leash areas.
  • Vaccinate dog(s) per the recommendation of your Veterinarian.
  1. The off-leash dog area is for dogs, their handlers, and those accompanying them. No other use is allowed.
  2. Dogs must be under direct control of their owner or handler at all times - with no exceptions. Dogs must be trained and responsive to voice commands to prevent aggressive behavior, fighting, biting and excessive barking. Aggressive behavior is NOT acceptable.
  3. Dogs must NOT be permitted to interfere with other people or dogs, unless permission is granted by each owner for dogs to play together.
  4. Dogs MUST be leashed prior to entering, and upon exiting the off-leash areas.
  5. Dogs MUST be properly licensed and vaccinated.
  6. No cruelty toward any animals is allowed, including punishing other people's dogs.
  7. Dog owners must have a leash visible and available for quick use at all times.
  8. Owners are liable for damage or injury inflicted by their dogs, according to MN Statutes Numbers 347.01 and 347.22, by law.
  9. Children 8 years of age and younger are not allowed in the off-leash areas. Children 9-15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and closely supervised at all times.
  10. Visitors are limited to a maximum of two dogs in the park at any given time.
  11. Owners are responsible for picking up their pet's waste IMMEDIATELY, using a closable plastic bag, and then disposing of it in designation waste container.
  12. Dogs under 4 months of age are NOT ALLOWED in the off-leash areas.
  13. Female dogs in heat are NOT ALLOWED anywhere in the park.
  14. All dogs must display a valid dog license.
  15. All visitors must abide by any other state, county, or city park rules or ordinances.
  16. Dogs that are declared dangerous by state, county, and city laws are NOT ALLOWED in the park.
  17. Use of firearms or weapons is PROHIBITED in the park.
  18. Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED in the park.
  19. Bicycles, skateboards, or rollerblades PROHIBITED. Motorized vehicles are only allowed in designated parking areas.

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Want to report an incident? Click here to download incident report form. 

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